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Our cornish hens are raised on pasture here at freedom ranch from just a few days old. They reach maturity for sale at about 6 weeks. 1 chicken is 4-6 lbs average weight and are $4/lb. 

You can sign up for our Freedom Ranch Chicken Subscription and be assured that your chickens will only cost you$20 max no matter what their weight! 


For in person pick up only. Shipping cost shown in the online store is for handling fees. 

Pasture Raised Meat Chickens

6 Pounds
  • Join the club! When you place an order of a minimum of 5 meat chickens, you get a guaranteed price of $20 per whole chicken even if the final weight is above 5 pounds. 

    Included in your order is 1 dozen of farm fresh eggs when you join the Freedom Ranch Chicken Club.

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